You do require an Environment Agency rod licence to fish in our lake.

The principle is similar to the requirement for a television licence. If you want to watch TV on private premises you need a licence. It's the same with using a fishing rod.You can buy them online, and you can buy them by the day if you want (although it works out expensive if you buy them regularly). Normally it's best to buy a 12-month licence costing £27. If you are under twelve years old you are exempted, and if you are under 16 the licences only cost £5.

EA bailiffs do have the right to come onto private property to check for licences.

It is the guest's responsibility to have the licence in place prior to fishing at Lower Aylescott Cottages.

The lake, which is only a few minutes’ walk from the cottage is stocked with carp, rudd and tench and guests can relax either on the jetty or round the side as they enjoy this wonderful pastime.

Please note that guests need to bring their own rods and bait.

If looking to venture further afield various other forms of fishing can also be experience around North Devon, such as fly fishing, saltwater fishing, boat fishing, shore fishing and sea fishing. Game fishing is also available; however, this is often limited to certain times of the year.

The lakes at Lower Aylescott belong to the farm so fishing is unrestricted to onsite guests all year round. There are no bait bans but ask that you use barbless hooks and keepnets are not allowed. The owners also request that you treat the fish with respect and return them to the water quickly to minimise distress.

The lakes are rarely fished as they are not open to the public (only residents in the cottages). This means that the fish are less wise when the bait comes their way! So tends to work very well if showing someone new to fishing as they should catch at least a small fishing quite easily! The bigger carp are slightly wiser so a bit more of a challenge!

There are plenty of carp in the lake, which are roughly 35-45cm. Some bigger some smaller. As the lakes are only fished on a few occasions the carp are not over fed, some of that size haven't ever been caught. They tend to be long and lean and very healthy!

Ilfracombe is the first place to go when looking to fish away from Lower Aylescott. The harbour town is only a 10-minute drive from the cottages and is great for simple line fishing off the pier or the walls around Capstone and the harbour, or alternatively many businesses offer charters.